Monday, April 13, 2009

A GREAT Easter weekend!!

Gordon's parents were here for the three weeks before Easter. They left on Friday, as my parents drove in the driveway. Friday was a busy day of getting things ready for the "Easter bunny" to show up (wink, wink) and then went to dinner at Homestead. I had to go to work that evening so Cheyanne decided to go with me. Her plan was to help me work. That never happened. She got the experience of a lifetime instead. We got to the vet office and noticed that the large animal door was open and a light was on. This was after hours, so nobody should have been there. We walked in to find two doctors performing a C-section on a dairy cow. Cheyanne stood there and watched the whole thing. She even got to help a little. The doctors were very nice to her and gave her lots of education on the birthing of a cow. She really enjoyed herself. After we were done cleaning, we went to Chris and Tim's house and goofed around with the rest of the family until close to midnight. I was really tired. Saturday morning the guys (Gordon, Tim, Grandpa and Evan) plus Cheyanne went to the beef auction. Grandma, Chris, Jessica, Sierra, Carson and myself went to the easter egg hunt in Sumas. After that, Chris, Carson and Sierra went back to Chris' house to lay down. Sierra was sick and Carson was tired. Grandma and I went back to my house to do a few things and then we met Gordon, Grandpa, Cheyanne and Evan at the soccer field for Evan's soccer game. That evening we BBQed brats in the shop and colored easter eggs. We had a good time. Finally, we went to bed around 11:00pm.
Easter morning we got up and went to church at 11:30. It was nice to sleep in a little and go to the later service. I was amazed, proud, ecstatic, thrilled, etc. when my 7-year old son raised his hand to accept Jesus into his heart and went forward with the rest of the people who did the same thing that day to show the world that he believes Jesus is his Lord and Savior. Wow, what a proud Mommy moment!!! The tears were flowin'!
He understands what he did, and he is preparing for the next step in getting baptized. Gordon and I had no idea he wanted to do that. We were floored, but sooooo happy!
Subway for lunch and then home to prepare our yummy Easter dinner. We hid over 300 plastic easter eggs filled with all kinds of goodies in the shop. As of right now, we think there are still around 15 that we haven't found. Good thing we used the plastic ones!!
Family left to go back to Portland this morning. Now it is back to the normal routine of things. Laundry, dishes, farm chores, doctors appts., school, etc....


Snowmommy said...

I'm soo proud of Evan! Do you need my kids to come over and find the extra eggs?

Papa said...

What an Easter!
I am so proud of you and Gordon for raising my grand children in an environment of love and faith. I know that life can seem hectic at times but in the words of a current CW song, "Your going to miss this". I know you love your life but take time to savor it when you can.
Papa already told Evan how happy he was for him but I just wanted to tell you 2 how I feel about the things you are doing to make it possible for him to live this Christ filled life.

Love, Papa