Monday, April 20, 2009

Conversations I have had with my kids recently...

Sierra: I have bleach on my hand from the trampoline.

Me: The trampoline doesn't have bleach on it.

Sierra: Yes, it does. Look. (she holds out her hands and I see dark spots on them)
See; it's bleach. All over my hands!!!(exasperated)

Me: Sierra, that isn't bleach, it's called pitch!

Sierra: Oh, well I call it bleach!

And from Evan----

Evan: Mom, I wish you were only 20 when I was born.

Me: Why, buddy?

Evan: Because you're a lot older now and you are closer to dying. If you were only 20 when I was born, you would live a lot longer.

Me: (trying not to laugh)Buddy, only God knows when I will die. I could live to be 100, you just never know.

Evan: Wow, then you'd be REALLY old!!

(Yes, I do write down these things in a journal so I can laugh about them later)