Saturday, April 4, 2009

A new toy!!

The kids got a trampoline for Christmas from Grammy and Papa, but obviously the weather hasn't allowed for us to put it up. Today is a gorgeous day and we decided to have some fun. We plan on putting it in our back yard so it is on the grass, but right now our back yard is a swamp, so we put it in the driveway where we can see the kids when they are jumping. It took Gordon and Papa about an hour and a half to put it together. The kids waited patiently and now the fun has begun. We don't have steps for it yet, but we are storing a set of steps that our friend Dan built for the Harvest Festival for wagon rides. It works perfectly for now until we get some other ones. Thanks, Dan!!

After the kids took a turn, I convinced Grammy to get on it. Of course, Papa stood by saying, "She's gonna go to the hospital!"

Nice support system, right? Anyways, she didn't do much more than stand there for a picture. She was too scared to move and afraid if she jumped, she would pee her pants. After taking her picture, I got on to show her how it is done. I jumped a few times, but then I had to pee. It sucks getting old!!!

Hopefully we can get a few pics of Papa and Gordon also, but right now they are busy scooping cow poop! Enjoy the pictures!!!


Betty said...

That looks like a lot of fun I am sure the kids (big and little)will enjoy it.
How are the puppies and Fath doing?

Renae said...

Oh my gosh Traci that picture is awesome!! Way to show em' how it's done!!!

Snowmommy said...

Why get new steps, those work great.