Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Who's calling, please?

This morning my dogs were going crazy! I noticed that they were barking and growling at the front door. NOBODY uses my front door. I thought maybe that a delivery company was trying to get my attention. We are waiting for our new treadmill to come. So, I went to see what they were going crazy about.

I opened the door and this is what I found:

After I took them back to their area, I came back inside. About 15 minutes later, the dogs started going crazy again; this time at the back door. Again, this is what I found:
I opened the door and the dogs went crazy and chased them around the garage. (notice Ruby's ears flopping as she flew off the stairs!)
Since Gordon is at work and I can't seem to keep them contained, even though I tried putting up more fencing, I finally gave up after trip #5 to the barn and put them in the hot fence area with the pigs!
That's my solution and I'm sticking to it!!!


Snowmommy said...

Hey, YOU are supposed to be doing homework, not blogging. Mine took me two minutes, your included uploading pictures! :) love you!