Sunday, November 9, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

I had big plans to post about my girl's night with Sierra, but got busy on Saturday morning and then took off for the beef auction that afternoon. We spent all day at the auction, bought one beef cow, and then came home and had a family movie night watching Jim Carrey's "The Grinch". It was fun, but it prevented me from telling my girl's night story. Let me preface with this, if you have high blood pressure, are pregnant, have heart conditions, or any other medical issues, you might not want to read this post. I can guarantee that you will laugh so hard you could increase your condition or possibly pee your pants, so please proceed with caution...

So, Sierra wanted to take a bath together first before we painted our toenails and watched tv. I filled the tub with nice steaming hot water and lots of bubbles. I had dual purpose for the bubbles. One, they are fun. Two, hide my body! I mean, really, who wants to look at their mother naked? Not me!!! (no offense, Mom.)

I told Sierra to come in and get undressed and go potty. As she is sitting on the toilet, I got undressed and into the tub. She starts off with saying, "Mom, your bottom is kind of big, but that's ok-I love you anyways." Thanks Sierra. As you can tell, our night started off really well. She decided that she was going to treat me to a back wash so she got soap on a towel and washed my back. This wasn't enough for her so she had to wash my hair. Then my face. Of course she was trying to be so careful not to get soap in my eyes. BOOM-SOAP IN THE EYE!!! So, I sit in the tub as my daughter is treating me to a spa night with one eye stinging like someone poured gasoline in it, closed and leaking as many tears as possible and trying to assure her that I am ok. Finally, the pain lessens and I can get on with our evening. She washed my arms and hands and then decided to wash my feet. Here is how that went.

"Mom, lay down and put one foot up."

(in sing song like voice)
"Now, just relax. Think of the beautiful weather. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. You're doing a great job."

And then,

(not in sing song voice anymore)
"Mom, why are your boobs laying sideways into your armpits?"

Ok, fun time over. She notices too much. After I stop laughing and explain about gravity, (which she doesn't get still) I tell her it is so I can wash between my boobs.

"Oh, ok."

Bath time over---

Out of the tub and onto the next phase of girl's night. She decided to paint my toenails and I couldn't watch or pick the color. Ok, it is Fall time. I'm not going to be wearing sandals, what the heck!! After about 20 minutes of her "fixing" her artwork, I got to paint hers and take a picture of our feet together.

Believe it or not, we got done with girl's night at 9:30 and went to bed. We started at 6:30. Needless to say, it was a long night for me, but Sierra will cherish that time forever.

And by the way, my boobs don't actually go all the way into my armpits!!!


Tiff said...

What?!? No pictures of the bath? What kind of blogger are you? Come on, lady, we want to see boobs! LOL! :)

Snowmommy said...

Lol, Sierra you crack me up!

Renae said...

Oh my gosh that was so funny!! Don't you love the honesty of kids???