Saturday, November 22, 2008

I am 3

Today I am thankful for Grammy and Papa. Grammy and Papa are Gordon's parents. They are wonderful loving parents who have spoiled us for years and now spoil our children. Not that that is what makes me thankful to them. I am thankful for their love, support, knowledge and ability to help out with the children whenever it is needed.
They play with the kids, teach the kids, and spend as much time as they can with the kids. They come here for a lot of long weekends, plus a month during the summer. Papa helps out with chores and projects and every year does a "Papa" project. This last summer he built a school bus shelter for the kids. It is great to go out and sit in the shelter with Evan and play games or do puzzles in his crossword book that is always out there. Papa is a hard worker, a big softy (when it comes to the kids), and enjoys life as much as possible.
Thank you, Papa for being such a great dad and Papa, and also for working as hard as you do to provide for your family.
Grammy works hard inside. She always helps out with cleaning, laundry and cooking. When she is here, the fridge is always full and so is every one's bellies. She plays special games with the kids that she makes up and they think she is really cool to have such great games to play. Grammy provides me with entertainment all the time. She is easy to scare and I love popping around the corner at her and making her scream. Yes, she is getting older; I might have to be careful from now on! (Just kidding, Grammy)
Grammy, thanks for being a great Grammy to the kids and a wonderful mom and friend to me. Love to both you and Papa!


Larry said...

You just don't have any idea how much your words mean to us. Even though I am sure that you know the depth of our love for you, Gordon and the kids, it is something that we don't take time to say very often. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with us. Whatever we do for you guys is from our heart and filled with love and can never be to much.

Love Ya,