Sunday, November 2, 2008

I actually figured it out!

I am so proud of myself. I have been trying to change the background of my blog since last night. I followed my instincts and did a lot of praying to make sure I didn't mess it all up and WA-LAA...I did it!!! Since the name of our farm is Little Bearfoot Farm, I went with a bear theme. I also collect Cherished Teddies and Little Bearfoot Bears, so it all works out perfectly.

It is a really blah day. The rain is pouring down and the sky is gray. Gordon came home from a 48 hour work shift and he is sick and not feeling good so he is resting and taking it easy today. The kids are having an "underwear day". Basically, unless they have to get dressed, they will run around in undies all day. I am going to a home party later today, but other than that, I think we will all just relax and have family time today.


Tiff said...

Ha! My kids are running around in undies and diapers today too! There must be something in the air...

Congrats on your new background. It looks good!