Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chicken Coup

Yesterday Gordon, Evan and our friend Greg worked on the chicken coup. We are trying to change it so that it works for the chickens year round. It used to be a horse barn, but since we don't have horses, we have our chickens out there. Since we sell our eggs, we want the chickens to have a comfortable place to live. Evan didn't have school so he was out there helping all day. I took a break from my laundry-a-thon and went out to take a few pictures of the men working. During this time, Sierra was inside having a quiet day since she spent the night coughing and didn't get much sleep. In the afternoon I got a call to go pick up bread from the outlet store. When they call, I go running. We get a huge rack of bread for really cheap to feed our pigs. So off Sierra and I went to the outlet. While we were out we stopped and picked up 8 foot long fluorescent lights for the chicken coup also. When we got home, I prepared dinner and then Gordon cooked it for us. After that, Gordon and I watched "Made of Honor" and the kids watched "Tom & Jerry". It ended up being about 10:30 so off we went to bed.