Monday, November 17, 2008

Goats, goats, goats

I talk a lot about our chickens because they are so much fun, but we also have Cashmere Goats on our farm. Let's talk about goats.

Cashmere goats are sweet creatures, with a gentle way about them. They have long, soft cashmere fiber that grows in the winter and they shed it around springtime. They also have horns. The one thing I learned about Cashmeres is that, unlike other goats, they have to have their horns because they use their horns as sweat glands. Since they have fiber, they tend to stay warm and sweating through their horns cools them off. I was concerned when we first bought our goats, thinking that they would impale one of my children, but they are very gentle and don't use their horns as weapons. Yet.

We have Luna, Simon, Lily, Fiona and Claire. During the spring, summer and fall months they are in a big pasture out front enjoying the green grass and being able to watch people pass by. We have even had people stop by to watch them play on their rock pile. In the winter, we like to give them a good place to be sheltered from the rain, snow and wind. So that is what Gordon and I did today. We built the goats their own little area out back next to the pigs. They have part of the lean-to that they can use as shelter and they have a large area that they can roam around in and eat grass. We worked hard and the end result has made man and goat happy. It is time for bed where I can rest my weary head and get re-energized for a new project tomorrow. What will it be?