Sunday, November 23, 2008

Is there a doctor in the house? Er, I mean, a vet in the barn?

So as is normally the case, when something is going to go wrong with an animal, it is usually when Gordon is at work.
Thus, this was my Saturday...

Evan and I went out to feed animals yesterday morning and everything was going just dandy. We took care of the chickens, then went to the barn for the rest of the animals. We fed the goats their hay and then opened up the back part of the barn to feed the cows and pigs. I started to feed the pigs their morning bread ration and that is when I saw it...One of the pigs turned around and it had a ginormous red thing hanging out of it's butt. Gross!!! I looked closer and realized that it wasn't an unusually large apple sticking out of the wrong end, but a prolapsed rectum. Yep, I did say prolapsed rectum! Super gross!! As Evan stood next to me gagging, I called Gordon at work to see what he wanted me to do. I didn't think about calling the guy that we bought the pigs from, so when Gordon suggested that, I thought it was a great idea.
I called Darin and he explained that the pig would probably be dead within 24 hours due to bleeding. Great! We have every pig sold and accounted for. We can't afford to lose one now. And of course, it isn't one of the bigger pigs that is ready for butcher. It is a smaller one that still has a ways to go.
I also called our next door neighbor, who in his prime, was one of the largest hog farmers in New York State. He came over and tried to help me segregate the pig into a pen by itself. He said that if we got it contained, the other pigs wouldn't be able to bother it and it had a greater chance of living through the weekend so we could take it to the butcher on Monday. We tried for an hour to get this pig into a pen by itself. It was too smart for us. No way was it going close enough for us to contain it. After many close calls with pig poo, we gave up and decided to try later. I went down to the barn three more times, to no avail. I finally decided I could care less. Let the pig get eaten by the others. Stupid pig!
When I went down to feed about 6:30, the pig wandered in to the pen and I was able to contain it. Now why didn't he do that the first time? I could have done without all the pig poo on my clothes and the frustration of not being able to get the little sucker into the pen.
Of course after all that, Gordon got home from work around 9pm, we went out to check on the pig and guess what? He got out!!! I was about ready to turn around and give up, when Gordon walked into the pen, got the pig to follow him in and closed him back up. Are you serious?!!! I despise pigs!! Especially ones with things hanging out of their butts!!!


Tracie said...

OK, now that's funny!!!

He may be small, but I bet he's going to taste just great!!!