Friday, November 21, 2008

I am 2

Today I am thankful for Great Grandpa and Aunt Jan.

Great Grandpa is Gordon's grandfather. He is a strong, faithful man who loves his family more than life itself. He lost his wife at a very young age and has been faithful to her all these years. Great Grandpa turns 91 this Christmas. He has lived a long, full life and continues to love every minute of every day. He raised 4 children by himself for the better part of their lives, and he raised them well. He continues to be Gordon's hero, and I have loved Great Grandpa since the day I met him. He is a wonderful man who has always been very loving to me. When I was dating Gordon back in junior high, Great Grandpa told me that he approved of me for his grandson and he gave me a nickel with a hole drilled out of it. He told me to never lose it. He had no idea that I would continue to hold on to that nickel all these years. I put a ribbon through the hole and have worn it under my shirt during very difficult times. I wore it during some hard times with Gordon and I also wore it during my fertility treatments. For a silly little nickel worth nothing, it has always held a special place in my heart.
Thank you Great Grandpa for being a wonderful influence to me, to Gordon and now to my children. I love you.

Aunt Jan is Great Grandpa's oldest child. When I met Jan I was amazed that she had spent her life taking care of Grandpa when her mom died. She has been by his side all these years and takes extremely good care of him. She is fun to be around and has always been a strong woman. She shows her family love by taking care of everyone, cooking the best meals ever, and spending time with them.
Aunt Jan, thank you for being such a great person to me. You have passed that love on to my children, who think the world of you. We all love you very much.


Tracie said...

Very nice!!! I, too, am so very thankful for Great Grandpa and Aunt Janice!!!


Larry said...


I just read this to Great Grandpa and Aunt Jan. We all had tears in our eyes. We love you very much and although we know how you love them from the way you treat them when we get to spend time together, it is wonderful to hear what you say from the your heart. Great Grandpa says he remembers the time so clearly when he gave you the nickel with a hole in it and it is a memory that he has with him aways.

Thanks for doing this. We love it and will be able to keep up with the happenings on LBF where ever we are.