Friday, November 7, 2008

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Wow, I was tagged. I feel so special. So to let everyone know what is going on, I was tagged by Holly. The game is: when you are tagged, you have to post and write about the fourth picture in your fourth folder of your MyPictures. I have a ton of pics and I wasn't quite sure if I was supposed to do it from the very beginning of MyPictures or just for 2008. So, I will post both.

The very first one is in 2004. We were in our house on LaBello and it was summer time. Grammy and Papa had just bought the kids a Rainbow play stucture for the back yard. Two young "20's" that worked at Rainbow, a guy and a girl, came to set up the structure. We thought it would take all day. There was no way this little gal was going to be much help. Well, let me tell you how wrong I was...we all sat back on the deck and watched these two work. It only took them a few hours and the whole thing was up and ready. It was amazing! They knew every post, screw and hook and exactly where it went. We were all so impressed. So, on to the picture...Evan got to climb on the play structure and have a blast. He was just two at the time. Aren't those chubby cheeks just the cutest? Anyway, that explains the first picture.

The second picture was taken in April of 2008. As most of you know, we raise beef cows. This picture is of Otis. We took a picture of him because he was the next in line for slaughter. I know-GROSS!!! Not really. We like to take a picture of the cows when they come to us and then another one when it is time for slaughter to see how much they grew. It is a training tool for us to gauge the weights of the animal to see if we need to fatten them up more or not. So far, all our beef has been wonderful. So that explains the picture of Otis.

(Shameless plug)-We do sell our beef. If interested in beef, pork, meat chickens or eggs just let us know and we will get you on our list.
Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed these pictures.


Snowmommy said...

Great job, and great plug!