Thursday, November 6, 2008

Whew, what a day!

Today has been quite the day. I woke up with a slight headache and it progressed all day and got worse and worse. I started out my morning with getting Evan off to school and then going to feed animals. We have one chicken that is quite mean and when you reach in to check on eggs, she hisses and pecks at you. Of course, since I wasn't feeling up to par, I didn't pay attention that she was the one in the laying box and she pecked the heck out of my hand. Now, if you were my mother (who wouldn't be in the hen house anyway due to extreme foul fear), you would have grabbed her by the neck and twisted the "peck" right out of her. Since I am not my mother, I just yelled at her and called her a big ugly ball of feathers. After that fun, I came back in and asked Sierra to get herself dressed while I did some studying on the computer. About 20 minutes later, she came in and said "how do I look, Mom?" I turned around and she looked like someone that you can find on the streets of Las Vegas!! She had pink and purple eyeshadow on, rosy cheeks and bright red lipstick with glitter all over (and around) her lips. I said "oh my, you look made up, where did you get the make-up?" She replied, "don't you remember; Auntie Chris gave it to me." THANKS A LOT AUNTIE CHRIS!!!

About an hour or so later, I got done with my studying and got ready to go to the school and help the PTO hand out Butter Braids. Chris took Sierra home with her for the day and I went to school.

Remember I said I woke up with a headache? Oh yeah baby, throb city!!! All day long!!! At 4:30 Evan was done with school so we went and picked up Sierra and came home. I fed animals and my kids made their own dinner (mac & cheese) and I took pain killers. Please, headache-go away. Don't come back any other day. Bedtime will be early tonight.


Peggy said...

what a fun Auntie! Hope your head feels better in the morning.