Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tagged again

Today I was tagged by Holly. Here are the rules. Stop what you are doing, take a picture of where you do your blogging and another picture of your living room. So, I dropped everything and took a couple of pictures.
Let me first say that my office looks about normal. It is supposed to be a craft room and office, but I have only gotten part of it done. The kids like to sit in here and make a mess with their "crafts". Remember how I said I like to sit at the computer and look out at my chickens? Well, the window on the right looks out at their hen house and coup. The window on the left looks out at the front pasture, the road and our gorgeous view of the mountains. I am adding that picture also. Gordon got up the other morning and watched the sun come over the mountain. This is what he saw.

Now, here comes the fun part. This tag couldn't have come at a better time. I just had a Tastefully Simple party here two days ago and my house is clean!!! Yeah baby! I can't say that very often. Doesn't it look nice in my living room? Enjoy it because it won't last. My kids like to take all the couch cushions and blankets and make "beds" or "forts". Plus, we usually have 4 dogs laying around in their also. Anyways, thanks Holly for tagging me at just the right time. Love you. I know I won't be that lucky next time.
Now, the end of this tag is that I am supposed to tag three other people. I don't have three others to tag. So I guess it ends here. Sorry-I need more blogging friends.


Snowmommy said...

Great job, your office looks ten times better than mine.

Tiff said...

That is no fun! If we have to show our messy houses, you should, too! Stinker!

Tracie said...

Good night, we live in such a wonderful place. I am always amazed at the beauty that surrounds us at our little farm.