Monday, November 24, 2008

I am 5

Today I am thankful for my mom and dad. My parents taught us about sticking together through thick and thin. They have led by example throughout our lives and given us girls all a strong foundation to grow up on.
My mom is a strong, but silent type of person. She is very strong in her beliefs and she shares them with those around her. She has always had a way of teaching us a lesson without us knowing that she was, and looking back I always think to myself, "How did she do that?" I tend to voice my opinions and my mom keeps hers to herself unless needed. She is a very strong faithful woman and has taught all of her grandkids about God. She has spent as much time with her grandkids as she can, and she always supports them in their sport endevors and is right on the sidelines rooting them on. Of course, she doesn't live close by, so she attends games for my kids and Chris & Tim's kids when she is here visiting.
Mom, thanks for being a great support system and for being a strong role model. I love you(and so do your grandkids).

My dad has a huge love for his family. He has lived next to his parents most of his life and we grew up next to Granny & Gramps. Now that they are gone and us kids have moved away, he tries to spend as much time as possible with all of us. We do vacations together that always make Dad happy. He loves spending time with his grandkids. Dad also extends his farm knowledge to me all the time and helps me figure things out when I need. When he is here to visit, he helps do things around the farm so we get things done.
Dad, thanks for showing me how important family is. That is a great legacy to pass on to your children. I love you(and so do your grandkids).