Monday, November 24, 2008

Owl soup anyone?

Yes, I do know that it is illegal to hurt an owl and I will not be hurting one; I just wanted to get your attention.

Yesterday morning Gordon went out to feed the chickens and found one laying outside the roost, dead, with its neck and head completely gone. The rest of its body was intact. What the heck could have gotten to it? We have made a nice secure area for them. The dogs can't get in, the cats can't get in, so what could it be?
Later that evening, I went out to feed animals. It was already almost dark so it was hard to see. I was walking from the barn to the chicken coup when I heard this noise. Whoosh, Whoosh-I look over at the coup in time to see a huge white body fly out of the roost and all the chickens are going crazy. Yep, a big old owl. I went into the coup to check out the damage. Except for a whole lot of scare chickens, no one was worse off than before the owl visit.
Now, I like owls-don't get me wrong, but when they start feeding off of my chickens, they are not welcome here! When Gordon got home from the Seahawks game (bugger), he tarped the roost so that the owl can't have any more treats.
Go away and stay away, you big naughty bunch of feathers!!!


Tiff said...

I hear that spotted owls are especially tasty...